Welcome to Gulf Coast Divers!


At Gulf Coast Divers, we are passionate about the underwater world and dedicated to sharing that passion with you. Located on Florida’s beautiful Gulf Coast, we are your one-stop destination for all things scuba diving. Whether you are a seasoned diver or just starting your underwater adventure, our store has everything you need to explore the depths safely and enjoyably.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide exceptional service, top-quality gear, and comprehensive training to divers of all levels. We aim to foster a vibrant community of diving enthusiasts who share our love for the ocean and its wonders.

What We Offer

  • Diving Equipment: We carry a wide range of scuba gear from the industry's leading brands. From masks and fins to regulators and wetsuits, we have everything you need to dive comfortably and confidently.
  • Training & Certification: Our certified instructors offer a variety of courses, from beginner to professional levels, including specialty courses like underwater navigation, night diving, and more. We provide personalized training to ensure you are well-prepared for your underwater adventures.
  • Dive Trips & Excursions: Join us for exciting dive trips and excursions to some of Florida's most stunning dive sites, including Blue Grotto, Devil’s Den, West Palm Beach, Rainbow River and the Florida Keys. Want even more adventure then travel with across the world to the Philippine's, Fiji and many other exotic destinations. Experience the thrill of exploring underwater springs, vast coral reefs and vibrant marine life.
  • Equipment Servicing: Our experienced technicians provide professional servicing and maintenance for all types of scuba gear. We ensure your equipment is in top condition for a safe diving experience.
  • Community Events: We host regular events, workshops, and social gatherings to bring together the local diving community. Meet fellow divers, share stories, and build lasting friendships.

Why Choose Gulf Coast Divers?

  • Expertise: Our team is composed of experienced divers and certified instructors who are passionate about the sport and knowledgeable about the best practices and latest trends in scuba diving.
  • Customer Focused: We are dedicated to providing personalized service to each customer, ensuring you find the right gear and training tailored to your needs.
  • Quality & Safety: We prioritize your safety by offering only high-quality, reliable equipment and thorough training programs.
  • Community Driven: We believe in fostering a strong diving community and are committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all divers.
  • Highly rated: Gulf Coast Divers is the highest rated and reviewed dive shop in the Tampa Bay area

Our Story

Gulf Coast Divers was founded by a group of diving enthusiasts with a shared dream of making the underwater world accessible to everyone. Our journey began with a small shop and a big vision, and over the years, we have grown into a trusted name in the diving community. Our commitment to excellence and our love for the ocean drive us to continuously improve and expand our offerings.




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